Aimee Conley, ACSM Certified Personal Trainer

After spending most of her adult life trying a wide variety of diets and exercise programs, in 2008 Aimee began her comprehensive personal training education at National Personal Training Institute (NPTI) in Norwalk, CT.  NPTI has been identified as one of the most comprehensive personal training education programs in the United States. Over a series of many months of full-time health eduction, Aimee learned about proper fitness techniques, muscle group mechanics, anatomy & physiology, providing nutritional instruction, conducting fitness tests and body measurements as well as the best examples of providing both one-on-one and group training using functional and machine based exercises. Early in 2009 Aimee graduated from NPTI and launched her own business, "Commit to Fit In-Home Personal Training."


During her education, Aimee found that functional training, which uses our own body weight and handheld equipment, provides results that are often superior to similar machine based exercises because it uses the body's own natural range of motion.  Further, Aimee immediately identified with so many clients who felt uncomfortable working out in a gym because of the drive time, the intimidation of learning new machines in front of other people and just waiting to get access to machines in a crowded gym.  Aimee immediately began to develop functional training programs that would allow her clients to get a complete functional work-out within the comfort and privacy of their own home, completely avoiding the cost and intimidation of a public gym.

Aimee's Commit to Fit In-Home Personal Training business has grown dramatically as Aimee's clients look to her in-home visits (twice per week for best results) to help them improve their physical health and dietary habits. Aimee provides a different intensity level for each client with ages that range from college students to those who have retired, all benefiting dramatically from functional training.  Aimee's attention to detail with each client and their specific goals delivers an efficient, custom work-out  that is fast, effective and very affordable compared to purchasing your own home gym machines. Aimee brings the equipment and her motivation to your home for "no excuses" work-out for those who are ready to Commit to Fit. 

Aimee and her husband, Patrick, have been residents of Wilmington in Carolina Beach since 2011.