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    I’ve been overweight most of my adult life but things got even more out of control in the last 5 years.  I knew I had to make a change, but never feeling comfortable in a gym, I finally made the decision to work with a personal trainer. 

    One of the most important things for me was to work with someone who made me feel comfortable, someone who understood me, and also help boost my confidence.  I’m so lucky to have connected with Aimee. She won’t let me give up on myself and has been a wonderful part of my journey.  I’ve lost over thirty pounds since working with Aimee!  I am incredibly grateful for her continued support and HIGHLY recommend her services!

     -Myrka L. 




    "I am a mother of 2 and 4 months ago started Aimee's bootcamp.  Since then I have dropped 3 sizes, inches off of my waist, and am stronger than I have ever been. Aimee has helped me build endurance and strength and because of her I was able to run my very first 5K Cross-Country Race. I continue to become the best person physically that I can be and I am loving every minute of it!"

    -Susan D.  






    "Before I started working with Aimee, I was winded just taking the dogs for a short walk. Now after just a few short months, I ran my first 5K and I am in the best shape of my life. Aimee provided a perfect balance of pushing me to reach my potential with the support and encouragement that I needed to get there."

    -Rita K.  







    "I lost seven pounds and seven inches in seven weeks! I've never looked or felt better. Aimee is a great trainer and motivator. I would have never been able to do it with out her. Thanks."

     -April P. 




    "Although I am a naturally lean person and have maintained the same weight for the last 15 years, things shift and change after having children and at the age of 44. Since I have started Bootcamp with Aimee, my body has toned nicely, I feel stronger and I have more energy now then I have had for a long time. I’ve never stayed interested in a workout program prior to this but Aimee’s workouts change every week and are never boring. I have seen the results in my body, which gives me more confidence. Aimee is a knowledgeable trainer and able to work with people to meet their individual needs. She has given me the confidence and motivation I need to achieve my goals."



    I started to gain weight and get depressed when I hurt my back and I wasn’t able to run or exercise the way I used to at the gym. You have managed to give me an unbelievable workout in my own home and yesterday I put on a pair of jeans I haven’t worn in a long time. My husband can’t believe the changes in my body and I proudly wore a bikini this summer! Thank you so much Aimee!

    -Kim P.